Assistance services for motorists

Comprehensive assistance services for motorists

We provide comprehensive assistance services for motorists 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout the whole of Europe via our call centre.

Call our Call Centre

from the Czech Republic

222 55 11 44

from abroad

+420 222 55 11 44

Comprehensive assistance services for motorists

  • nonstop call centre with specially trained professional staff
  • help at the location of the breakdown or accident
  • towing of an immobile vehicle to your destination or to a contractual service centre
  • vehicle extrication and towing after an accident
  • arrangement of vehicle repairs in the event of a breakdown or traffic accident
  • settlement of insurance claims
  • legal consultancy
  • safekeeping of an immobile vehicle
  • arrangement of a replacement vehicle for the whole period of repair
  • arrangement of alternative accommodation
  • arrangement of air transportation
  • arrangement of assistance abroad
  • arrangement of towing from abroad
  • settlement of a financial guarantee
  • provision of traffic information