What to do if you are involved in a traffic accident or your vehicle has broken down

Provide the operator the following information needed for provision of assistance services:

  • your name and surname
  • the number of your assistance card, if you are a holder
  • the vehicle registration number (number plate)
  • the make and type of car
  • your and your vehicle’s location
  • the anticipated scope of damage to the vehicle and the cause of this

from the Czech Republic


from abroad

+420 222 55 11 44

Assistance services

The operator will arrange the necessary assistance services and provide you with information about the process of their provisions and scope of these. If assistance services are not covered by the assistance card, the operator will also provide you information about their cost.

We will help you to resolve the problem with your vehicle whether this concerns a traffic accident or a breakdown. If at all possible, we will repair the vehicle directly on the road. If not, we will tow it to a service centre, arrange for its repair, a replacement car, alternative transportation or accommodation.